Photo: Jeremy LaRue Photography

Photo: Jeremy LaRue Photography

Maybel Beltran is a professional makeup artist in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with 8 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has trained and worked with many elite artists including Victor Henao, Jocelyn Biga, and Myron Morgan. She has been skillfully trained and has taken professional makeup courses in Houston and Dallas and is continuing learning to better her skills.

She specializes in special event makeup, and has been focused mainly on bridal work for the past year, but isn’t limited to just that. Maybel has worked on editorial, film, stage makeup as well. She has had her work published multiple time, and has had her makeup seen on the television on Jane Slater, an NFL reporter, on separate occasions.

Her main goal is to showcase individual beauty in each person she comes across. She believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, as they already are. When the beauty on the outside begins to match the inside, this is when the confidence grows. Her mission statement is, "The beauty is already there, I know this and can see it, but it's my job to make them believe it." 

Photo: Jeremy LaRue Photography


First publishing


Maybel has also been published on her first magazine cover as the lead makeup artist on set. To see her work and of other vendors visit or click the button below.


Online feature

She has been featured on Dallas Voyage "Trail blazer edition" where she shares some inspiration on how she got started in beauty industry. To read the full article visit or click below.